Evelyn E. Schaaff (Blanton,
height 34", bloom 6.5", season
M, Rebloom, Semi-Evergreen,
Tetraploid,  Light pink with
lavender pink edge. (Step
Mother × sdlg) $300.00 SF

Evelyn is our family Matriarch
Below is the letter I sent her
some years ago. It was
composed by my son Jeremy
whom has known her all his life.

Dear, Evelyn

  I would like to thank you for all that you have given to your family and friends. It is not often that one
meets an individual as loving and caring as you, let alone is lucky enough to call that person family. For
years you have stood as the voice of reason for all those around you. Always willing to offer advice, with a
kiss on the cheek and a gentle nudge in the right direction. All of these qualities have made you the
individual that you are and one that your family and friends have adored for so many years.

  Your accomplishments are many and although not uncommon titles, they have been represented by you
like no other. Wife, Mother, Grandmother, all duties in which you have embraced and carried out in
exemplary fashion.         Such individuality and sincerity is uncommon in today’s world, not comparable to
many things on earth. Fortunately the Lord saw it fit in his creations to add another form of life that is
always slightly different and individual from its peers – The Daylily.

  Each Daylily is viewed by its gardener as a prize possession. Each one has its own original
characteristics, color, strength and posture. The bloom of a Daylily is so magnificent that such superiority
only lasts from sun up to sun down. Lucky for us Evelyn we have been blessed with your presence for many
years and many years to come.

  On behalf of Tangled Vine Garden I would like to invite you to visit during full bloom and choose a single
Daylily that you enjoy. We will be having our family outing on Tuesday July 4th 2006 at which I would like for
you to be the quest of honor. I will register the Daylily you pick out of the many seedlings I have and
officially name it in the registrar after your name. From that time forward all will have the opportunity to
have a little Evelyn, as we your family have for years, growing in their yard.


                                                          J.R. Blanton